Even though when you are healthy enough to get a normal erection in your penis sometimes there is a need to expect something special. In order to surprise your girl friend during the intercourse you need to be more healthy and fit in terms of physical stamina. In order to enjoy the intercourse properly it should be extended at least four hours. However, the normal level of any male in this world is below half an hour making it a very short encounter with your partner. With the help of the foreplay, you can extend it to an hour but beyond the one-hour time limit, you cannot sustain the erection. However, the magic Cialis i Norge can get you a performance that is astonishing within a half hour after consumption along with proper foods.

Ways to extend sexual intercourse

You can enjoy a longer sexual intercourse by avoiding the resale of sperm within a short span of time. In order to contain the ejaculation of sperms you need to take regular breaks during the intercourse by just lying down next to your partner simply without involving in any activities. This ten-minute break can cool your sperm and you can start fresh again. In addition, after a proper training the male can attain the power to control the ejaculation for three or fours times. If you are unable to do it by yourself then you can press the penis in a way so that your sperms stays inside and do this for not more than three times. Before starting the intercourse, a fore play that extends at least a two-hour time is very important. You can use Cialis i Norge before the foreplay in order to keep the stamina saved for more than four hours and this drug works well when consumed along with high fat content diet.

Time to get a rock hard performance

How to use it?

 Certain persons also use alcohol in order to make this drug work well within a short period. Foreplay can make the partners feel comfortable about the intercourse and this keeps the excitement in a controlled manner that is often the main reason for premature ejaculation in male. Even though these are methods that can contain the ejaculation only for one or two hour it is very safe to follow these instructions as they do not involve nay kind of chemicals that could affect the body health in long-term usage.