The art of seduction! But does it really exist? Is it really possible to learn how to conquer women and then take them to bed? Or, on the other hand, people are born as if by divine gift, good with women and slaughter under the covers. So what if, on the other hand, you are born a loser, are you destined to live in solitude?

Maybe you have left and want to get back.

So if you have been following this site like for a while, on the contrary, you will know that it is not possible to remain refused to women if you rather read the precepts but above all practice the art of seduction. Even touching a woman is important!

Hey, stop a second before you continue

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The art of seduction: the fundamental points

Let’s fix these glaring mistakes if you make them.

Stop being in need

Needing, perhaps to the point of even being clingy, and seduction are mutually exclusive. The more desperate you are, the fewer women will be drawn to you, see it that way.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is put the person you love the most, maybe the woman in your life, under pressure once they give you the number. If you really want to woo her, even though she’s a free spirit, I can assure you that not rushing her and calling her 10,000 times a day will have the same effect.

the art of seduction

Even if you feel the urge to call her, to make yourself often feel like you’re not giving in, please. Think of it this way: your needs will be met at some point, but maybe not now.

Maybe you want to go to bed right away, maybe you just want to hang out with her. Satisfaction postponed but it will happen if you follow these tips.

Keep a push and pull attitude, be present but not too present when you want to go to seduce someone special. Within reason, you are also doing something a little reckless, something unexpected.

Nothing very strange, as if the weather allows it to go to the sea to take a bath in the middle of the night. Or even book a surprise trip for a few days. Try to be mysterious.

Be relaxed

In the art of seduction, it also makes you look like the winning guy. It is absolutely free to register and contact people online. Take it easy. Make yourself comfortable and be as comfortable as possible with yourself, and as comfortable as possible with the other person. The more receptive the other person is, the more affection they will give you.

I will give you some advice. Park your car a little further away or walk to work. Just 10 minutes of physical activity can drastically reduce stress and help you relax, and a lot.

Listen to music, perhaps very relaxing, like the sound of water. It has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and fight an excessively high heart rate.

Other tips to relax and become a champion of seduction are:

Store a golf ball under your desk or workplace. Rub your bare feet over it for a simple yet effective massage.

Get good rest, especially at night! In fact, sleep deprivation can lead to more stress. People who sleep more, but mostly well, tend to have a warmer, more tempered attitude.