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Including the voices and lifestyles of prostitute women and male clients

Most of the time, prostitutes are regular women who are systematically and ideologically portrayed as unusual. Women prostitutes’ social prominence is founded on the exceptionality of their sexuality, which tends to eclipse other parts of their lives. At the same time, client males and their lifestyles will be as humdrum as those of other men and women (clients or not) (prostitutes or not). They are ‘average’ males who are ideologically portrayed as extremely violent, aggressive, and misogynistic.

As a social setting, prostitution

Prostitution, as a particular and commercial type of sexuality, is a component of social reality, not a social structure that organizes or guides behavior. Prostitution, on the other hand, is a realm of reality intersected by structural forces that contribute to defining it. A context that is permeable to social conditions outside its limits, but is also determined by a limited set of rules, conventions, and rituals that are affirmed and replicated through social contact.