The problem most kids don’t realize is that 90% of communication is lost through texting. Body language, tone of voice, rhythm, eye contact, and touch are all absolutely fundamental to attracting a woman.

I repeat with the messages in chatfemmelesbienne you can help but you are not creating attraction with single words appearing on her phone. You are just doing a job that defines itself as a follow-up, that is to say, a job to continue to increase the attraction or the interest that is already in her, if there is any, and that if there isn’t, you should have developed directly.

If she didn’t like you the first time you met her in some cases, it’s just a matter of persistence and timing. Messages, in this case, may help you.

The purpose of an SMS

If you don’t understand what the point of texting a girl you just met is, she won’t be able to do it right. There is one and only reason why a ra

How to get a girl to respond to your text

The magpie you have just met must receive a message from you: make an appointment. This and nothing else. Yes of course you can talk about this and that a bit, make her laugh, flirt with her but your main goal is not to be there to chat on Whatsapp but to get her out.

Don’t be too confused looking for magical texting guides, these don’t exist. You can write sms that hit. Do you have his number? Well, if he gave it to you, it’s probably because he wants to date you or at least wants you to try it in a manly way.

So I’m telling you, now is the time to do the magic, to do it in person. Be direct and concise in these messages in, don’t get lost in the chatter. If you see that it’s not right, don’t give up.

Well, now you know how to get a girl to respond to your text. There is no magic trick, go right on, express your personality and take it out, nothing hard, go around and kiss it.