Ok, the situation is you have a girl’s number, maybe you were at a club, maybe you started talking in a supermarket, you texted her later but she didn’t receive a response. The question now in your head is how to get a girl to respond to your text message in https://www.thegaychat.com?

I know she sounded really impressed when you first met her, and you even wrote her a “very cool” text that you were more than sure to get an answer, but the hours go by and then the days and she did not answer.

How to get a girl to respond to your text

So how do you do this?

She really seemed to be there, so you send her another message, then another message, and then a few more times, just to be polite. So, what happened? Nothing. Not a single answer. Frustrating, don’t you think?

You wonder where you went wrong if there is a way to make her react and get her interested in you. Probably not or maybe yes. You don’t even know it, you don’t really understand it, the only thing you want is for me to respond to this message and go out with you.

You wonder why she hasn’t experienced that feeling of excitement when you meet someone new who can quickly turn a disappointment into something positive, while conversing with a woman, even at the level of SMS encountered, goes wrong.

Or even worse, like you have done now when he doesn’t even bother to answer. You feel like you did everything right but it’s a mystery why she won’t answer you.

How to get a girl to respond to your text. Understand the problem and solve it

How to solve this problem really depends on what you are doing right now, what mistakes you are making.

I want to ask you questions now:

  • Are you sending messages that are too long?
  • Are you by any chance telling her your life story?
  • Are you using the three-day rule?
  • Are you trying to hide behind the messages?
  • Are you trying to be fun at all costs?
  • Are you forcibly trying to be cool or witty?
  • You have his other’s number
  • Have you invited a series of absurd messages?
  • If you’re doing any of these things, I just want to say two words to you: stop now.

You don’t have to be funny, tell her your life story, force her to have a conversation, or try to text her at all costs.

How to get a girl to respond to your text

In fact, if you do any of the things I listed above, it will be unappealing or even quite boring, depending on your initial interaction. You cannot allow a woman to let go if you initiate or continue to interact with these premises.

In doing so, it is as if you have already decided what she thinks of you. Remember when you first met her, your only thought besides having the phone number because otherwise, you wouldn’t know how to see her again – unless you are in a small town – is to see her again for a date.

To flirt with texting, read more here.

If you start wasting too much time texting on parabuscarpareja.com or you start wanting not to know too much, you will end up cooling off the initial interaction that maybe went well and losing a potential girlfriend. In other words, you will be out of time. In fact, you should know that in this case, timing is key. Try to get out of it as soon as possible.

If, on the other hand, you start sending overly long texts, that’s not a good thing either. In fact, you should know that these texts that I call “papyri” are perceived by girls as messages sent by boys in need and therefore absolutely not attractive.