I met Boris a week before the first containment in March 2020, on the Meeting app. We talked a lot and then we saw each other outside, during the authorized time out. He ended up confining himself to my house: it passes or it breaks … We’ve passed the wave!

A year later, we’re moving into an apartment that suits both of us.

“A common passion for FC Metz”

Pauline, 25, from Metz (57)

We met at an FC Metz meeting at the Saint-Symphorien Stadium. A hidden encounter, which allowed us to discover our common passion. Let’s hope our history lasts as long as keeping our club of heart in Ligue 1.

“Barely met, we lived together”

Sandra, 25, from Damvillers (55)

I met my spouse in karting, thanks to mutual friends, in March 2020. That night, we were told that karting was closing earlier, because the government was confining us. So, I don’t really have time to get to know him… I’m looking for it on Facebook and we’re starting to talk. On weekends, he offers me a nice little meal at his house, I accept.

A few days later, I have suspected the Covid-19 case and as I had seen, we confined ourselves together for 15 days. 15 days together when we didn’t know each other… I didn’t leave anymore. We immediately learned to live together and today it’s going to be a year! And you are enough about these reports. You can date woman online on webcam girl sites.