To smile. Flirt. To touch. To tease. These are the verbs and attitudes that I want you to follow.

the art of seduction

Don’t be too serious, people and girls especially like to spend fun and carefree time. Have fun with her, be the first to smile, she will return the favor. Enjoy the game, in short. Several studies have shown that a playful attitude makes people more attractive. Smiling in men is a sign of non-aggression and therefore openness, while in women, it is a sign of youth and fertility. So it’s absolutely linked to sexuality. Well-developed humor is a crucial aspect of your personality that plays an important role throughout the first step of knowing a girl. You can register

Another study found that women are more likely to give their phone numbers to men who use humor and sarcasm, while on the other hand, men also perceive humor to be a really attractive characteristic in women.

Being able to make mistakes is also really appealing. Men who generally dislike playing pranks, or take offense at not saying anything bad about themselves, are not seen as very attractive. Don’t be that person and instead accept criticism and sarcasm in order to move forward.

Use your body language correctly

¬†Use your body language effectively in It is no coincidence that this is the last point I made. Because it’s really important.

If you know how to communicate well, all the confidence that you have in yourself and in what others have in you increases. Most people are not drawn to weak personalities but to people who are confident in themselves. Women? Obviously, they are no exception. Remember to smile and, if possible, contact your body at the appropriate and discreet time.

Use your body language to flirt. If you’re not like Shakespeare with words don’t worry, that’s the beauty of this one. It is possible to send subtle signals of a sophisticated art of seduction to all the women you want to attract, depending on social situations.

Don’t be afraid to touch the arm or shoulder of the girl you love. Even a light touch when it comes to the girl you like is good. Physical contact, done like a real man, actually raises the temperature of the woman you are courting. You will excite him.

the art of seduction

Another way to harness the art of dating is to use eye contact to flirt. Eyes are incredibly powerful tools, use them wisely and sparingly. Close your eyes for a few seconds towards the girl you are talking to, the one you want to seduce; there is nothing that gives you more confidence and appeal than looking straight into someone’s eyes.

However, if you’re using eye contact to flirt, don’t go scan her and look at her strangely. Now I ask you, the art of seduction is a huge field, but are you going to put the advice in this article into practice as soon as you leave the house?