There are a lot of people, in Italy and around the world, who suffer from shyness. Let’s talk about that strange impulse and that annoying sensation that makes us feel like we have a brick in our stomach, a weight that blocks us and doesn’t allow us to open our mouths and, most importantly, lives a normal life.

Yes, because with timidity the days are always difficult. You can register at Every moment, every meeting, every time we go to work… these are really very complicated things for those who are shy. This is because you cannot come out of your shell and it is nearly impossible to have public relations. No, therefore, in friendships with colleagues, you walk with your head down for fear of having to meet other people’s eyes and then having to communicate with them. Even the very thought of being able to have someone by your side is starting to scare you.

Life has no flavor, it becomes all black and white and the nuances of colors are lost in contrasting emotions ranging from the desire to have a normal life to the terror of encountering failure.

And at this point, it’s no longer a matter of shyness, but of real anxiety until it leads to the dreaded social phobia. Fortunately, however, some experts have managed to undertake some very effective strategies to eliminate shyness and regain self-confidence.

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How to eliminate shyness: 2 ways to beat it

1. Focus on the outside environment, not yourself.

How to Eliminate Shyness Shyness makes us self-centered. Don’t worry, this is not a negative judgment but a fact. Don’t take it personally, but it is. Shy people, in fact, tend to have the impression that they have nothing interesting to say, whereas, on the contrary, they can have incredible stories to tell. They might even be the life of a party! But consider two things: people are impressed with you the moment you offer them something of interest.

Eliminating shyness isn’t about how cool and better you are than other people. No, it’s more about forgetting yourself and focusing on what surrounds you to enhance it.

Try to ask a few questions and cultivate genuine curiosity. If you find yourself at a party surrounded by strangers, try to establish connection and dialogue. In doing so, you can:

  • to have something to talk about;
  • give others the opportunity to talk about themselves;
  • draw attention to yourself.

You might not like that last point, I know, but it’s essential for overcoming shyness. And once we are able to take the first step and unblock ourselves, we can move on and attempt the next step.

2. Study and prepare properly

What am I trying to tell you? If shyness is still strong in us, it may be useful to prepare a number of topics for conversation in topincontrigay. For example, if we have an idea of ​​the type of people who will be attending a business meeting, we can study something at home and figure out how to win, despite that feeling of fear we carry inside.

Some examples? If you work in an IT agency, your superiors and colleagues may have developed a passion for search engines (Google), or they still like to go out on a sailboat on the weekends. In short, knowing their hobbies could help us ask sensible questions and make a good impression.

We get into the habit of remembering what people are saying and try to connect with those speeches in an upcoming discussion. But eliminating shyness doesn’t just mean talking more